This website is my idea of what quilting and needlework should be. Relaxing and fun. Simple hand needle arts and some sewing machine work along the way.  It’s not rocket science (more on this later for sure!) Making things by hand is satisfying and should be shared with friends and family, to share history and family traditions. Stop by often, rest on a lily pad and enjoy the photos, read the notes to the side under recent posts or click on blog on the top menu bar to see them all, be inspired, make something by hand! All photos on this site are my own, taken by me around Long Island and the North East.    C.J.



This was fun, using my own photo for a business card. I really like this image. I even use it for a screen background on my computers. My husband John helped edit it to get rid of some of the bright spots so the wording read better. I like the results.

 Rabbits Hoppin’ Along

I’m still getting used to making rabbit items while it’s snowing and holiday table runners when it’s ninety degrees out. Last year I machine appliqued a few rabbit blocks but never finished them into anything. If I don’t get hoppin-along another Easter will go by with no finished rabbit wall hangings. The hexie flower and leaves are hand appliqued down. I’m working on growing a collection of bright, modern and fun fabrics, along with 1930’s type fabrics. On a cold rainy day they cheer me up! More soon!


Silk Ribbon Wool Easter Eggs






Well it’s snowing again (or raining – like every 48 hours) so it must be time to make Easter Eggs. Some of my students over at the museum wished to try silk ribbon embroidery, so we ran the wool egg class this year again incorporating some simple embroidery stitches with 4 mm and 7 mm silk ribbon. The silk ribbon makes such pretty flowers, especially the variegated purples from the Thread Gatherer.