Tinkering in the virtual world

Hi All, I grew up doing craft sales with my family in my local High School and at Hallockville Museum Farm, and even once at SCCC when they held the County Fair (that was crazy-hauling cans of fresh cut flowers half full
of water down county road 51 in my old station wagon) selling hand made Christmas ornaments, dried flowers, fresh flowers, crocheted hand puppets, wood items, you name it, whatever we took a fancy to making that year. I also grew up when computers still had wire boards to sort punch cards and took up an entire room, and saw the progression of miniaturization and accessibility. While it’s not Star Trek yet, we get closer and closer every year. (I watch SciFi movies to see what innovations the minds of writers come up with – like virtual in-the-air monitors and keyboards). SO too has the crafting world evolved to make use of the many portable devices we now carry in our pockets (a computer which happens to ring once in a while – cell phone). Many crafters take what little time this busy life gives them and surf the net or use twitter or instagram to catch snippets of what’s going on in their areas of interest. They take classes, watch videos, share and chat whenever they can. I’ve decided to join them and have taken the first few leaps by creating an instagram account, a twitter account and now an etsy shop. Usually I only participate in one folk art sale a year. Due to having a full time job I usually have a hard time coming up with enough inventory to do more than one. But, when I create samples for a hand skill class I end up with not only patterns but several examples (because like potatoe chips- you can’t make just one). If your organized to make silk ribbon brooches, you make several while you have the supplies out. So… creating the shop allowed me to again use my computer, photography skills and hand sewing skills to create a nice looking shop. So far I have one wool egg on there, but more to follow after I visit the Post Office to get an idea what I would ship a four ounce wool Easter egg in. Perhaps having the shop will encourage me to sew more and to be more organized. I love Christmas and the November sale I take part in is perfect for that, but I also love making Spring and Easter designs. I wonder if I can make sub-shops inside the one shop, or separate “rooms” for each seasonal type item. But anyway I digress, here’s the site link:     https://www.etsy.com/shop/WaterLilyQuiltz

Once I get organized many of these wool folk art eggs will pop in there and I might even get them promoted on instagram and other places (If I can figure all that out-this all takes hours, so bare with the time lag!)